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Pirmreizēja konsultācija - 70 euro

Atkārtota konsultācija- 60 euro 

Psihodiagnostika: 250 - 400 euro

State referral

I have signed a contract with the Latvian National Health Service (NVD).

With a referral from a family doctor or psychiatrist, you can receive up to 10 state-paid consultations.

When applying, please indicate information about the doctors referral and take it with you to the first visit.

Health Insurance

If your insurance policy includes the services of a psychologist, you can submit an invoice to the company (for more information, contact your insurance company).


I cooperate with the companies "Workplace options" and "Stebby". If your employer has a contract with one of these companies, please inform me about it when applying for a visit.

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